Your Human Design eBook


With step-by-step instructions and insightful explanations, this ebook walks you through your Human Design chart, empowering you to understand yourself and make decisions aligned with your true nature.

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system that blends astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the Chakra system to offer personalized insights into your unique personality, strengths, and life purpose. By analyzing your birth details, it generates a chart outlining your specific energy centers, personality traits, and decision-making strategies, providing a roadmap for understanding why you react certain ways, feel drawn to certain activities, and experience recurring patterns in your life.

It empowers you to live authentically by making decisions aligned with your true nature, leading to greater fulfillment and success in relationships, career choices, and personal growth. Ultimately, Human Design serves as a tool for self-discovery and personal growth, helping you unlock your full potential and live a life that resonates deeply with who you are.

The Ebook content:

  • Introduction
  • Your type —Your basic personality blueprint. It's like the foundation of how you function.
  • Your aura — The vibes you give off that affect how others perceive and interact with you.
  • Your strategy — Your personal guide for making decisions and navigating life effectively.
  • Your Inner authority — Your gut feeling or intuition guiding you to make choices that are true to yourself.
  • Your profile — Your unique roles and characteristics within your social circle and the world.
  • Your Definition — How your energy is structured, shaping your personality and interactions with others.
  • The Centers — Energy centers in your body, each influencing different aspects of your life.
  • The Gates & Channels - Specific traits and pathways in your energy system that affect your thoughts, emotions, and actions.
  • The Variables — Subtle differences and nuances in your human design that make you uniquely you.
  • The Planets — Celestial bodies that add extra layers to your human design, influencing your traits and experiences.
  • Your Incarnation Cross - Your main themes and purpose in this lifetime, based on the positions of celestial bodies at your birth.
  • + Inquiry question & more

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Your Human Design eBook

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